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A close up of a weed growing in the lawn

Weed Control

Lawns Plus Weed Control services will help to enhance both the health and appearance of your turf by managing undesirable vegetation and limiting the competition for nutrients that your grass needs to be at its best. Pre-emergent treatments for annual grasses and weeds are combined with post-emergent broadleaf herbicides to help control perennial weeds. Our company can also provide management options for difficult to control perennial grasses invading your lawn. Clients have the flexibility to choose between a single treatment, multiple treatments, or one of our Turf Management plans that integrate fertilization and mowing services.



Fertilization is the key to greener, thicker turfgrass.  Lawns Plus has the know-how and equipment to apply fertilizer to your lawn at the proper time and in the proper amount for your specific grass or grasses. We offer free soil testing to exactly determine what your lawn really needs to thrive.

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Our company began as only a mowing service, and even now that we have expanded to be so much more, mowing is still a major part of what we do. Scheduling options of 7, 10, or 14 days gives clients freedom to choose how often their lawn gets cut. Lawns Plus will never force you into a service contract, so you can change or cancel your service at any time. Are you going to be out of town or unable to mow your own lawn for an extended period? We will gladly manage your mowing as short or as long as you need us to.

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