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Pest Management: Service
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Insect Control

Bugs making your skin crawl? We can help. If you have pests in your yard, home, boat dock, storage shed, or anywhere in between, Lawns Plus Pest Management has a solution. Worried about chemicals harming your pets or children? So are we. As a family run company we have kids and animals too, and we take every precaution to keep yours just as safe as ours. Our goal is to keep pesticide use and exposure to a minimum while still achieving the highest level of control.

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Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can be a major pain in the neck, and the arm, and the leg, and everywhere else for that matter. These biting, bloodsucking pests can really put a damper on your outdoor events and activities, but we have solutions to help. Our integrated pest management approach to mosquito control targets these pests where they live and spend the majority of their time, not just where they breed.  We use controlled applications in bushes, decorative grasses, ornamental plantings, and overgrown areas to control the adult population. Then, we help our clients to locate breeding locations and educate them on how to treat or eliminate these sites to aid in reducing the total mosquito population produced by future generations.

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Mole Control

Moles can turn your beautiful lawn into an unsightly mess. Our control program starts by eliminating the grubs in your lawn that serve as major food source for the mole. After this initial treatment, moles will hopefully either move on to another area or will move deeper into the soil profile where burrowing will not be apparent on the surface. If our initial treatment is unsuccessful we can then locate any mole runs that are still active and place traps in these locations.

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