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Botanical Garden

New Construction & Renovation

Whether you need a completely new landscape space or are just looking to update an existing area, we have the tools to get the job done. With an array of light and heavy duty equipment, Lawns Plus can handle jobs large or small. We work with you to design, build, and maintain ornamental areas.

Back Yard

Planting, Trimming, & Weed Control

 Let us help you plant and maintain all of your landscaped areas. We can schedule bush trimming at regular intervals to help them keep a consistent shape or you can call us when you need us. Lawns Plus also offers monthly weed control programs from March to October to control grass and weeds growing in your flower beds.

Brown bark mulch covering flower bed wit


It is amazing how much just a fresh layer of mulch can do to improve the looks of an ornamental bed. Mulch also provides an insulating and moisture retaining layer to keep your plants healthy and also aids in controlling weeds. Mulch can be installed in a variety of colors and during any season, but we advise mulching in the spring, fall, or both in order to get the greatest benefit in appearance and plant health.

Landscaping: Service
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