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Turf and Pest Management Programs


Six Step Turf Management

Our Six Step Turf Management program combines pre and post emergent treatments with properly timed fertilizer to help you get the most out of your lawn. It is outlined as follows:

Late Winter Treatment - Pre-emergent for warm weather annual weeds and grasses combined with post-emergent broadleaf control.

Spring Fertilizer - Generally this application is made in April or May. Our first fertilizer on Bermuda grass takes place during green-up and on Zoysia grass after full green-up has been achieved.


Spring Weed Control - An effectively timed treatment in early to mid-May to eliminate perennial broadleaf and grassy weeds as well as annual varieties that are impervious to our pre-emergent treatments.


Early Summer Fertilizer - This fertilizer treatment will strengthen your turf and prepare it for the stress of the potentially hot and dry summer months ahead. This treatment is generally performed in mid-June but can be done into July as well.

Late Summer/Early Fall Fertilizer - Our final fertilizer application of the year takes place between the middle of August and the middle of September depending on rainfall. 

Fall Treatment - Post emergent broadleaf spray combined with a pre-emergent for cold weather annuals that will minimize the number of weeds in your lawn during the winter months

Tick crawling on finger. The concept of

Exterior Flea & Tick

Fleas and ticks can quickly become an issue in a yard for you, your children, and your pets. Keep those pesky pests at bay with our Exterior Flea & Tick Plan. We schedule these treatments three times per year, generally in March, July, and October, to give you optimum control. This treatment is quick and effective. Adults, children, and pets are safe to re-enter the treated areas as soon as the spray has dried (typically after an hour).

Our Programs: Service
Our Programs: Service
Bug bites on back of baby girl's
Chiggers & Mosquitos

Bugs that bite and leave itchy red marks can really take the joy out of your outdoor spaces. A monthly application during the warm months can help to reduce the number of these pests by attacking them where they spend most of their time. 

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